4-Week Course

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“I was thoroughly impressed with the materials. They were some of the best small group lessons that I have ever used. The Poverty Unlocked materials provided a view of the issue of poverty from a biblical perspective.” – Kurt S.

“The best part was seeing the ‘Aha!’ moments that my group had. The charts on how poverty fits into the broken relationships were an excellent visual for them.”  - Rachel E.

What is the Poverty Unlocked Course?

The Poverty Unlocked Course is a four-week series that introduces Christians to the Bible’s teachings on poverty. The group activities, Bible study and stories will deepen your group’s understanding of poverty and what you can do about it.

How to Teach the Course

Anyone can teach the Poverty Unlocked Course. We wrote the curriculum in everyday language. If you have listened to the foundational Poverty Unlocked episodes, you can teach these principles to others.

Poverty Unlocked is an ideal curriculum for congregations, Sunday School classes, Bible study groups, and student ministries. Each session lasts two hours.

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